Manager & Trainer summary

  • 25 Professional trainers.
  • 95% of staff trainers have playing experience at the college or professional levels.
  • Storm has 8 trainers with Div 1 college coaching experience.
  • Two employees work additionally with the USSF
  • Average age of trainers on any coaching services or camp location is 34.
  • Storm employees have an average of seven years experience with the company.
  • All Storm trainers are fully trained within our coaching curriculum.
  • Men & Women trainers age 22 through 49.
  • Every coaching site has a designated Storm on and off site manager.
  • Storm Managers have an average of fourteen years with the company.
  • All Storm trainers have undergraduate and or graduate degrees.
  • Many of the trainers are teacher trained
  • All trainers have passed Risk Management requirements.
  • All trainers live in New York year round.
Kurt Palmer
Kurt PalmerManager
Paul Ellis
Paul EllisGeneral Manager
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge RodriguezManager